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Venezia ObServer, Ca┤ Rezzonico
Is Crashing Down

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Photos and text by Umberto Sartory

These are the plinths at the base of the fašade of Ca┤ Rezzonico. You can see on the left those on the left of the portal watching the fašade, on the right those on the right.

Plinth N. 1

The plinth n. 1 was already missing a large calcite vein, and the so called "administrators" tried to hide the damage with the usual plastering; now the piece is vertically broken just along the plastering.

Plinth N. 3

The plinth n. 3, aside superficial and deep erosions, shows a set of micro fractures from compression all across the volute.

Plinth N. 4

The plinth n. 4 presents similar conditions of n. 1. Under the hypocrisy of the putty the net of micro fractures is moving cause of the compression. A detachment line can also be seen between the volute and the body, probably along a calcite vein dissolved by the sulphuric acid.

Plinth N. 6

These photos require no comment: the stone is reduced to a chalky sponge by the aggression of sulphuric and nitric acids and chalk, as everybody knows, is not a material that can support the tons of pressure exercised by the above fašade.

Plinth N. 7

Same conditions of n. 6, also presents a remarkable inclination of the upper table, as can be better seen in the two photos below.

Plinths N. 6 e 7

Plinths N. 7 e 8

In these pictures one can see the shift of the upper table of the plinth n. 7 respects the spirit level line.

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