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Venice - a proof of God`s infinite love
di Ioana Stoleru - inviato il 23/04/2004 (letto 2848 volte - 0 commenti)

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I am Romanian and I finally had the chance this year to visit Venice.Even if I was there just for 4 days last week, it was enough to understand why I always dreamed to see this wonderful city. My heart was so happy there and I felt embraced by its charm and parfume of the past.It was an amaising experience to feel so much love inside and the simple joy of walking in the city. I never had such a feeling in a new place, very familiar and hospitable. I saw the adress of your site and I immediately understood that something really goes wrong. The pictures AND the reality itself are a sad evidence. It will be a shame not doing anything.And if it is not the people who LOVE Venice, people who are looking for beauty and harmony, those will save it, then NOBODY is.I believe that we are responsible in front of God to SPEAK LOUDLY and ACT WHEN WE HAVE TO. I believe that in this situation we have the duty to speak to those people that in their rush for money or being inconscient forget to cherish the wonderful things God allowed to exist on earth just to remind us that without love we are lost. For me, Venice is a proof of God's infinite love.

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