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carnevale e il professore - THE LECTURER
di Giancarlo - inviato il 31/01/2004
Carnival should be the merriest holyday of the year, and in fact to Venezia every one is enjoyed everybody, less he ''THE LECTURER'' every day of the year you find him seated in this field, on that parck bench, he that lalks to the pigeons, he who talks to some tourist who asks information to know where the party is developed, and he always very kindly answers everybody, he be useful to go in ''PENSIONE'' too much and too old to find work, meantime the Carnival goes mad, also 1000 euro spent for a custom to hire this and Venezia it is possible to be only in means to a sea of people, but not and fault of no one maybe also the Lecturer today he and masked from Mister no who knows it is Carnival in town also entertained you.

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