Venetian Boats, Dodesona, Quatordesona e Disdotona
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Boats of Venice and Her Lagoon

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Dodesona (Big-twelve) Quatordesona (Big-fourteen) Disdotona (Big-eighteen)
Dodesona (Big-twelve)
Quatordesona (Big-fourteen)
Disdotona (Big-eighteen)

These are special parade gondolas actually owned by the city┤s Rowing Societies. Their names come from the maximum number of rowers they allow: (Dodesona 12, Quatordesona 14, Disdotona 18).

They are very long and narrow crafts, that, being used mainly for historical parades, need sometimes to be transported on wheels, and therefore they can be disassembled in modules that are reassembled just before each launching in the required place.

The elder between these boats is actually the Dodesona owned by the "SocietÓ Canottieri Bucintoro".
Since XIX century a similar model was opening the Historical Regatta parade.

The Disdotona, 24 meters long, is the longest rowing boat in the Lagoon, and belongs to the "SocietÓ Canottieri Querini".

The Quatordesona is a craft recently built by the "Voga Veneta Mestre".