Venice History, Calendar of Festivals

Almanacco Storico di Venezia
di Venezia

Venice Traditional Festivals

The Carnival
The main week
starts 51 days before Easter, Saturday
All around Venice
and Mainland
The Marie's Feast
During Carnival
In June the Marie's Regatta
St. Mark's Square
regatta in San Pietro di Castello
Fat Thursday
46 days before Easter, Thursday
All around Venice
and Mainland
Up and Down the Bridges
Last Sunday of March
Folk non-competitive marathon around Venice
The Blooming Rose
St. Mark's Feast

25th of April
All around Venice
and Mainland
Sensa's Festival
The Marriage with the Sea
23rd of May
Port of San Nicol and Campo Santo Stefano
The Vogalonga
Last Sunday of May
A rowing marathon across the Lagoon and main Islands. Starts from St. Mark's Basin
The Redentor
The most famous Night
Second Saturday od July
At Redentore's Temple on Giudecca and in St. Mark's Basin
The Historical Regatta
First Sunday of September
Rowing regattas an historical show along the Grand Canal
Venice Marathon
Third Sunday of October
World-class Marathon from the Mainland to the Historical Centre
St. Martin's Feast
11th of November
All around Venice
and Mainland
The Madonna della Salute
21st of November
Madonna della Salute Temple