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Testo italiano
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This recipe collected by Umberto Sartory



E Pagnochee co lŽUa de DŽAmato

The Raisin Breads of DŽAmato Bakers

Kg. 1 of wheat flour 00
gr. 400 of water
gr. 10 of salt
20 gr. of sugar
gr. 30 of brewerŽs yeast
gr. 600 of raisins
egg yolk
Modus Operandi

First kneading:
Mix ½ Kg. of the flour with 200 gr. of water and all the salt and the yeast.
Cover and let it rise for 6-8 hours depending from room temperature.
In the main time, put the raisins to moist in a water pot for a couple of hours.

Second kneading:
Join to the dough the remaining ingredients, except the yolk that is only used to brush the breads before cooking.
If the dough doesŽnt seems to be rised well, add ten grams more of yeast.

Shape the dough in balls and let them rise 30-40 minutes more.

Now, brush the breads on top with the yolk and put in the oven at 200° for 15-20 minutes.

E Pagnochee co lŽUa de DŽAmato

The Raisin Breads of DŽAmato Bakers

I have collected this recipe from Michele DŽAmato, last of a series of generations (I personally saw in that shop his Grandfather and Father at work) to practice the bakery in the area between San Barnaba and the Salute; Now, he runs a pizza shop near campo San Vio.

With a similar dough, enriched with butter, sugar and egg, were prepared also the venessiane, those with stings on top (made pinching the paste out), and the thin crust of caster sugar.


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