Venice Recipes and Curiosities from the Venetian Cuisine

Venice Recipes and Curiosities
from the Venetian Cuisine

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Testo italiano
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This recipe collected by Lucia Fanton



Sepe in Tecia col Nero

Cuttles in Casserole with Their Ink

very fresh cuttlefishes not too small
extra-virgin olive oil
dry white wine
minced parsley
salt and pepper
tomato puree (that canned in tubes, optional)
butter (optional)
white or yellow maize porridge
Modus Operandi

First remove cuttlebones, heads, eyes and skins. Save indeed two or three of the animalsī ink bags.
Cut the remaining in stripes, leaving part of the brown entrails and set them aside in a dish.
Let abundant garlic turn blonde in a casserole with oil, or butter and oil if you like it; pick up the garlic with a wooden fork and set instead the cuttles in; Let them savour, adding the wine to evaporation.

We shall have at hand quite a lot of minced parsley: letīs add it now in the together with the ink bags, the salt and the pepper.

A good variation, quite widespread, can be the addition of concentrated tomato puree.

Let cook slowly. If necessary, add some more wine or water from time to time, till the cuttles will be soft and their sauce thick.

Serve them with soft white or yellow maize porridge for an exquisite main course or use it to season dishes of spaghetti.


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