Venice Recipes and Curiosities from the Venetian Cuisine

Venice Recipes and Curiosities
from the Venetian Cuisine

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This recipe collected by Lucia Fanton



Sopa de Spessati

Halved-peas Soup

"halved-peas" or dry peas
one onion
salt and pepper
grated parmisan cheese
Modus Operandi

In a tall pot, put the dry halved peas, cover them with water, add the whole onion (without the peel of course), the rosemary, salt and pepper.

Let them boil till the peas melt down in a cream. You can make the soup more liquid adding a few water.

Pick the onion and the rosemary out of the pot and add butter at your pleasure, but not too much.

Serve with grated Parmisan cheese, and if possible with thin bread slices toasted in the oven.

Sopa de Spessati

Zuppa di Mezzi Piselli

This course, together with the Sarde in Saor, the Sepe col Nero and some other, can really be taken as an icon of the popular Venetian Cuisine, or at less of that of the 900.


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