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Testo italiano
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"Gastronomia e Ricette".
This recipe collected by
Lucia Fanton

Bussolai and Eses from Burano

00 wheat flour kg. 1
butter grs. 250
sugar grs. 600
11 yolks and 1 whole egg
grated lemon peel
vanilla or anise
Ingredients (light version):
00 wheat flour grs. 500
butter grs. 250
sugar grs. 250
6 yolks and 1 whole egg
grated lemon peel
vanilla or anise
Modus Operandi

Set the flour on the desk in the shape of a cone with a hole in the middle to accommodate the softened butter. Leave it out of the refrigerator well in advance to reach ambient temperature, DO NOT melt it on the fire.

Slightly whip-up the eggs with the sugar, then add the compost to the flour together with the remaining ingredients.

Knead the whole fast and well. having cold hands.
Form as desired (rings and Eses are traditional shapes; put in the oven at about 180° till cooked.

Once the biscuits are cooled down, preserve well closed in boxes or bags.

Also this food, highly energetic and long life, comes from seafaring tradition.
The ring shape (bussolà) served the purpose to preserve the biscuits from the mice, keeping them (the biscuits, not the mice :-) ) threaded on horizontal ropes.


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