Venice Recipes and Curiosities from the Venetian Cuisine

Venice Recipes and Curiosities
from the Venetian Cuisine

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This recipe collected by Lucia Fanton



FigÓ a la Venessiana

Liver Venetian's Way

calf┤s liver
a lot of white onion fine sliced
salt, pepper
olive oil
Modus Operandi

Wilt the onions in hot oil, until they are soft.
In the main time, wash and cut into chop-slices the liver, cleaning it from any shred of skin or internal gristle. Add it to the onions with salt and pepper until it is cooked. Do not cook too long or it will become tough.
Serve the Fegato alla Veneziana with quite firm polenta gialla (yellow maize porridge), to be cutted with the length of thread on the wooden trencher...


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