Venice Recipes and Curiosities from the Venetian Cuisine

Venice Recipes and Curiosities
from the Venetian Cuisine

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This recipe collected by Lucia Fanton



Fritoe de Toni Trolese

Toni Trolese's Doughnuts

˝ kg. 00 wheat flour
150 cc. water
two eggs
30 grs. brewer´s yeast
60 grs. caster sugar
one rum or lemon phial and one small bag of vanillin
250 grs. raisins
1 smal bag of pine-seeds
100 grs. cedrini (cube-sliced candied orange/lemon peel)
10 grs salt
abundant frying oil
Modus Operandi

Stir sugar and yeast with the water, warmed in a capacious pot. Slowly add the flour, then the eggs and aromas, stirring well for some minutes.

Add the raisins, the pine-seeds, the cedrini. Stir well for some minutes more and add the salt. Stir energically again for few minutes, then let the dough stand for about an hour.

Bring oil to high temperature in a frying pan, choose one not too wide but deep, so that the doughnuts may float in the oil; Do not fry too much doughnuts at a time, because half way through they must be turned upside down to complete cooking.
The doughnuts are pushed with a finger from a spoon wet with water into the hot oil (not boiling indeed).

In the oil, the doughnuts will rise to an almost sferical shape; When they will be browned both sides, in a more or less dark hazel colour, dry them in blotting paper and sprinkle each doughnut with caster sugar all around. Serve in salad bowls.

Fritoe de Toni Trolese

Toni Trolese´s Doughnuts

Along with the Galani or Crostoli, the Fritoe are the most typical Carnival sweets in Venezia.
This recipe was passed to me by Toni Trolese, one of my father´s friends, that is actually 95er, and lives in fondamenta di Cannaregio.


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