Venetian Boats, Lighters and Pontoons
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Boats of Venice and Her Lagoon

Venice ObServer: Big Cuiser Traffic Impact on the Historical Port of Venice
Chiate e Pontoni Lighters and Pontoons

The word chiatta probably came from the Neapolitan dialect, where it stays for "fat" and it marks large rafts that once without engine, were pushed by tug-boats.
Nowadays, these crafts are mainly produced with built-in engines.

There are lighters with hold, mainly to move mud or rubble, and deck-lighters, to transport long vehicles, wagons and other exceptional transports.

Then we have Modular Floating Units, to hold stages, like those of the Historical Regatta or of the Pink Floyd in Bacino San Marco and floating working yards, like that of the Fenice Theatre Repairs in the Grand Canal.