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Venice Recipes and Curiosities
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Testo italiano
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"Gastronomia e Ricette".
This recipe collected by
Lucia Fanton

The Pincia (or Pinza)

Ingredients for the base:
corn flour grs. 300
00 wheat flour grs. 170
butter grs. 90
sugar grs. 100
one litre of milk
a quarter litre of water
half a teaspoon of salt
Ingredients to flavour:
raisin grs. 150
halved dryed figs grs. 150
one shot glass of grappa
fennel seeds and pine nuts as you like
Optional Ingredients
walnuts grs. 100
chopped apples grs. 150
candy orange peel grs. 50
chocolate fragments g. 100
Modus Operandi

Make a rather soft mush out of the base ingredients and cook it for five minutes. Pour it in a terrine and amalgamate the flavouring ingredients.

Put the resulting pastry in a buttered cake pot or other oven pot. Cook for a couple of hours or more in mild temperature
Serve at room-temperature.

This popular Venetian recipe exists in many variants regards the flavouring.
The simplest and classic uses only raisin, figs, fennel seeds and the grappa.

This sweet mush was once shaped in a thick and flat bar, to be sliced. The cake was kept wrapped in a softly moisted canvas, to preserve its fragrance several days. To day it is more often produced for sale in serving portions.


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